Yes, I Am Gay. So, What ? : Alice in Wonderland

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Dernière mise à jour le 20 mars 2014
Catégorie : Roman sentimental
Editeur : iUniverse
Date de parution : 18 novembre 2010
ISBN : 978-1450269964
Résumé :

Alice, in gay parlance, is a slang word used to refer to homosexuals who are easily deceived-those who do anything for love, devote themselves to their partner, try to act properly, and end up invariably victimized. Alice, because of good or innocent intentions, ended up tried and sentenced by the Queen of Hearts, discovering that Wonderland is not so wonderful.

The Alice in author Valdeck Almeida de Jesus decided to try protesting against the Queen’s established order. Homosexuals do not love any less than heterosexuals. They do not suffer any less. They are no less intelligent, no less capable withstanding disease. But their relationships are often different, yes-in the approach, the life together, and prejudice. Gays are different-and yet, as in the days of ancient Greece, they are simply ordinary citizens.

Yes, I Am Gay. So, What ? offers a fictionalized examination of the life of a young gay man in Brazil-the culture he inhabits and his own search for self-realization and self-creation.


Valdeck Almeida de Jesus

Âge : 56 ans
Situation : Pacsé(e)
Localisation : Salvador (40) , Brésil
Profession : Journaliste et écrivain
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